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Welcome to the website of the leading manufacturer of gas detectors

The DEGA CZ s.r.o. Company is the leading manufacturer of "DEGA" detection systems. Our  focus is on the high quality of our products, excellent support and service during the design and  implementation and also during the entire operational life of the system.

New Portable Detectors

We've added new handheld detectors from Honeywell to our product range. They have ATEX certification for "Ex" areas with possibility of explosion.


More info on Portable Industrial Detector

Electrochemical sensor
Catalytic sensor
Infrared sensor
Semiconductor sensor

The DEGA 05L-2-AC-x-yL
Compact Gas Detector

A detector designed to protect the health and property of people in environments in which critical situations can occur through the accumulation of toxic and/or flammable gases. The detector contains a sensor that reads the current value of the gas concentration in the ambient air and displays this value on the detector’s LCD display. It also provides optional optical and acoustic signalling and switches the relay contacts (5x) in accordance with their specific status.

Detection of over 200 flammable and toxic gases

The DEGA UPA II L Compact Digital Controller

This controller is designed to power four gas transmitters and for the comprehensive evaluation of levels 1 to 4 of detection (including “TWA” detection). It is designed as a compact device for mounting on DIN rails in racks or in a DEGA box with relay outputs (8x) and RS485/232. The status, including failures, of all the sensors is indicated on the controller by means of an LCD display and LED indicators. The controller is also equipped with an acoustic alarm and a reset button.

Electrochemical sensor
Catalytic sensor
Infrared sensor
Semiconductor sensor

A new generation of DEGA NBX-yL II gas detectors

The transmitter includes a sensor that monitors the ambient air with the subsequent transmission of the actual gas concentration as a standardised 4-20 mA current signal. The transmitter can be connected to the DEGA evaluation controller or to the DEGA05 Compact Gas Detector.

Detection of over 200 flammable and toxic gases


DEGA PBx-CL II (portable detector of flammable and explosive gases - natural gas, LPG, CNG / LPG, gasoline vapours, and others)
DEGA PBC-EL II (portable detector of carbon monoxide - CO)
DEGA PBO-EL II (portable detector of oxygen - O2)


An emergency valve for GAS BOILERS connected to a low pressure gas distribution pipeline.
The valve is designed for manual opening (by pulling the valve stem) and electromagnetic closing using an electric impulse.

The valve is recommended for use with detectors of explosive and flammable gases, e.g.:

  • the DEGA 05 (a compact detector)
  • the DEGA UPA II (a compact digital controller)
  • the DEGA HBM Home (a gas detector for households)

In production

new transmitter in zone 2:

Gas Transmitter DEGA NSx-yL II


> download user manual <


January 8th 2013 | Product catalog
We've created a new product catalog that contains a complete overview of all our current products. It can be downloaded from download section.

December 4th 2012 | Christmas holidays
In the period between 22nd December 2012 and 2nd January 2013 the company DEGA CZ will be closed.



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