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Welcome to the website of the leading manufacturer of gas detectors

The DEGA CZ s.r.o. Company is the leading manufacturer of "DEGA" detection systems. Our  focus is on the high quality of our products, excellent support and service during the design and  implementation and also during the entire operational life of the system.

Electrochemical sensor
Catalytic sensor
Infrared sensor
Semiconductor sensor

A new generation of transmitter DEGA NBX-yL III

The transmitter includes a sensor that monitors the ambient air with the subsequent transmission of the actual gas concentration as a standardised 4-20 mA current loop signal. The transmitter can be connected to all DEGA control panels.

Detection of over 200 flammable and toxic gases


March 12th 2018 | Product catalog
DEGA CZ developed new control panel DEGA UKA III. This unit is able to serve up to 8 transmitters DEGA. For more information please visit OUR SITE.
The 3rd generation control panel is designed as an independent appliance to be mounted on the wall or in exchange stations. Up to 8 transmitters can be connected to the control panel via RS485. The control panel evaluates 4 levels of gas leakage detected by transmitters. One flood detection sensor DEGA Zc II and one temperature detection sensor DEGA Tc II can be connected to the control panel as well. The control panel indicates values of all transmitters via an LCD display. The control panel is equipped with 5 configurable relays, with output for visual and acoustic signalization components, output for impulse closure of emergency valves DEGA HV DNx; USB port and loop circuit 4/20mA to allow connection to control of secondary control systems (ventilation, air condition etc.). The basic configuration can be carried out via an LCD display. The central control panel has a 34 day long memory of alarm records.

July 13th 2018 | New Product Data Sheets
DEGA gas detection system components were developed and introduced on our OUR SITE. These Product Data Sheets were introduced as first step of our new company desing. We are olso in preparation stage of new web presentation that will be ready and implemented till end of 2018



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